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Decoration of urban Christmas tree or street in the city. Workers with yellow bibon install and decorate the Christmas street with led light strips.

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Lyonridge Christmas Lights offers holiday and event lighting to the Metro Vancouver area. We are a division of Lyonridge Property Services.

Installing Christmas Lights for our clients brings tremendous joy to our business, its our favourite time of the year because there is nothing more magical than the moment you turn the displays on. Being part of your holiday experience is a great honour for us and we cant wait to be apart of yours!



Professional Design – We schedule a time to meet with you and discuss design options, there are limitless opportunities. Our Slogan is “Let’s Get You Lit” and thats our goal. You can choose from a modest display of just your rooflines or an elaborate display that includes trees, bushes, walkways and whatever else we can attach a light to!

Products – Our packages are fully customizable with commercial grade LED lights including C9’s, C7’s, G30’s, S14’s and mini lights. Not sure what all that means? Don’t worry our design consultants will explain the options and demo the products for you!

Installation – Do you envy your neighbors holiday light display that is perfectly straight and symmetrical.Once we know the design that you would like our lighting technicians customize the lights to fit your home or business. Yes, this means we custom cut the lights to fit PERFECT! No more extra bulbs hiding around the corner.

Take Down – It’s the New Year and you have commitments to go to the gym, the last thing you to worry about is climbing up a ladder in the freezing cold to take your lights down, instead of waiting until July our technicians promptly return early after the holiday season to take down your lights, wish you a “Happy New Year” and be on our merry way. Isn’t that easy?

The LIGHTS! – What is the best part of our service? Don’t you hate all that storage space your pesky lights take up, or tryin to untangle them year after year only to find out that half of them don’t work anymore and worst of all you cant find a replacement. Well never again! Leave it to Lyonridge! With all of our packages we supply our lights. What does this mean for you? It means every year you will have the best and brightest lights on the block, from year to year you can change colours at no extra charge. To top it of we include a full service agreement at no charge if something were to go wrong!

You have noticed by now that we take great pride in our commercial grade LED Christmas Lights. Our resident “light master” has invested countless hours and research into the industries best products to ensure we always deliver the highest quality. You’ve seen the dull LED lights on a house or maybe even have them your self you know the ones you can barely see from the street. The reason for this is the quality of the diode, typically your store bought LED lights will advertise they are C9 or C7 but in reality they are just a mini light with a big bulb over them. Now think to that time you saw that house glowing from blocks away, the display looked absolutely magical, mesmerizing even. Well these are commercial grade LED’s, they have high intensity diodes that emit a massive amount of light using a fraction of the energy an incandescent bulb uses.

Yes! Safety is our top priority. When working at the heights required to install Christmas lights we need to use multiple safety systems to keep our crews safe. These include ropes and harnesses, ladder stand-offs and levelers, special roof ladders, shoes, and boots designed for working on roofs. We also carry $5 Million Liability insurance and WorkSafeBC coverage to keep you protected!

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